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               I am not sure whether I believe that we all have a fat gene that is responsible for the slow
               but inevitable creep that most of us see going on in our midsection after we reach the
               age of about thirty.  But Carolyn Hansen thinks we do. "It's not so much the work of a
               single gene," she says. "It's more of a collection of traits we seem to have inherited over

Weight Loss        the last couple of million years.  Traits that aren't
        working for us now that we have completely changed
        our approach to food." 
        She is talking about the move from a diet high in
        protein and fat - the kind of diet we enjoyed right up
        until about 100 years or so ago - to a diet that is
        now rich in carbohydrates and fats.  This has been
        a consequence of cultivating grains and making the
        sugary carbohydrate the foundation of our modern
        day diet.
         The trouble is, we aren't designed to process a high carb diet.  Not according to Carolyn
         Hansen and a host of other nutrition experts who all seem to agree that we are slowly eating
         ourselves into an early grave.
         "But it doesn't have to be that way," says Carolyn.  "We know what we SHOULD be eating.
         We know how we SHOULD be exercising. The trick is to find the motivation to actually follow
         the program."
         The program she is talking about is her new fat loss membership program that she calls:
         No Excuses Body Makeover.

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Fat Loss Diet

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Fat Loss Diet